Cal State Northridge golf coach Gina Umeck was hand-picked as one of the best young golf pros across the nation. More to come on this one-time Lady Terrier golfer who, a couple years following her frosh season on the Long Blue Line at Redlands High, was CIF-Southern Section golf champion for Redlands East Valley.

* * *

Ceremoniously, we should be celebrating last week’s CIF-State office clearance for boys’ volleyball to start preparing — sharing equipment, conditioning, practicing — including Regional playoffs.

Here’s Thom Simmons’ announcement: “The CIF State Office has announced the dates for CIF Boys Volleyball Regionals, so we are now preparing to go forward with the Southern Section Boys Volleyball season this Spring that appears below.”

First contest: March 13.

Sit-Out date: April 13..

Last league contest: May 13 (May 15, last allowable league contest).

Number of contests: 28 (2 allowed scrimmages).

CIF preliminaries: May 18, 20, 26, 29.

CIF-SS finals: June 5.

CIF Southern Regionals: June 12.

* * *

Citrus Valley’s Christopher Shiles and Claire Graves had a home stadium, but Redlands East Valley’s Danika Bowman and Chris Polk had far lesser digs.

REV’s Kylie Fitts and Emerald Bowen competed on less than adequate home facilities.

You wonder if CIF girls’ soccer Player of the Year Loren Landrus would’ve wound up at stadium-less REV, or even Redlands (which had a stadium) from her home district in San Bernardino.

Her prep stopping spot was, of course, Citrus Valley — which had a stadium. Landrus helped propel Lady Blackhawks’ soccer into a highly prominent program.

Think long and hard, folks, about that key missing ingredient — a home stadium.

State-of-the-art turf. Fewer ankle injury threats. All-weather running surface. Quicker times from sprinters and quarter-milers.

Fans on a Friday night in Mentone might’ve converged for a big football game. Instead, they had to show up for “home” games at Redlands High. Or at Citrus Valley.

REV and its clientele definitely lost out on some interesting years.

Fitts. Bowen. Polk. Bowman. Think of all their teammates between 1997 and whenever the planned three-tiered new Wildcats’ athletic facility is finally complete.

It means a lot.

Highly successful REV coaches like Andrea Johnson and Kurt Bruich, Ted Small and Katie Husband always had to make unique arrangements to compete and work out on home turf.

Based on all their successes, though, those athletic luminaries managed very well.

Yucaipa had a nice stadium just five minutes away.

So did Redlands. And San Gorgonio. Beaumont improved its athletic facilities a decade, or so, ago. So did Banning. Citrus Valley always had a stadium.

It’s virtually impossible to figure out how many REV athletes were affected by such a shortage.

Yes, it’s a little misleading because Redlands didn’t have a home campus stadium for over a century.

That’s another shortcoming altogether.

It’s also true that world soccer great Landon Donovan never had a home campus stadium at either Redlands in 1996 or REV in 1997.

Great, great, GREAT job by parents that lobbied to get a home stadium, finally, at REV.

Too bad a generation and a half of REV athletes played without proper home digs.

Make that multiple generations at Redlands.

It places this generation of parent stadium activists in prime historical position to claim superiority in representing their athletes.

It’s astonishing on how long this notable moment took.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard this countless times over the years. “This is a Terrier town.”

Here’s one for the Wildcats.