Here’s the way it sometimes works in coaching hires, especially at the high school level.

Coaching jobs, which are often plentiful, are occasionally plucked from some of the strangest circumstances that you could possibly imagine.

Like a wife’s interference.

Redlands resident Pablo Garcia, a long-ago Rubidoux High School basketball player over in Riverside County, showed up on the Falcons’ bench as an assistant coach for about 10 years.

“There was a time,” he said sometime last year, “that I made a decision that I wanted to be a head coach.”

Like any good coaching candidate, he went for an informal interview for the boys’ opening at Moreno Valley High School. Here’s where it gets interesting.

“I went for the interview,” he said. “On the drive home, I called my wife and asked her to download my résumé to EDJOIN.”

EDJOIN is the Education Jobs advertisement website that announces public educational jobs ranging from everything to substitute teacher openings to assistant aides to principals to coaching jobs — and more.

All of us media types occasionally go surfing on EDJOIN in search of sudden coach’s openings at various schools in our coverage areas. After all, if we spot a sudden opening for a football coach at a local campus, well, there’s our next story.

School leadership people — athletic directors, principals, folks like that — are sly creatures. They’ll make moves, like moving on from various coaches without drawing public attention, to making a mark in EDJOIN for a replacement.  

So when Sarah Garcia, Pablo’s wife and not a media type, went to EDJOIN to find the MoVal opening back in 2014, she happened to come across another opening.

San Gorgonio High School was seeking a new boys basketball coach.

Sure, she followed instructions and submitted Pablo’s resume to the MoVal district. Well, she must have thought, why not look into this other job

San Gorgonio’s AD, Matt Maeda, was seeking someone to replace Byron Wesley.

Sarah zapped Pablo’s name into the mix at San G and, didn’t tell her husband that she’d done it.

When San G secretary Gerelyn Logan contacted Pablo to set up an interview, he came up a little confused.

Pablo, despite his confusion, would schedule that appointment, anyway. He didn’t recall applying at San G, though.

That initial interview, which included Maeda — who knows how to spot coaching talent — was good enough.   

Good enough, that is, to land a second interview. Ty Stockham, son of legendary ex-San G hoops coach Doug Stockham and an unreal coach in his own right, was present for this one.

“It was X’s and O’s,” said Pablo. “They wanted to see how much I knew — to see how much I really knew — about basketball.”

All those years sitting on Rubidoux’s bench, not to mention Rubidoux practices, had better teach him something.

Sarah and Pablo got the keys to their new Redlands home that same day.

I think Sarah and Pablo went off on their honeymoon, either that same day or the next day.

Talk about blessings in bunches. Pablo’s word, not mine. “I’m lucky to be where I’m at.”

Sarah Garcia, meanwhile, turned up as “Coach Mom.”

She is, like most moms, wives, grandmothers of a sports team, taking care of the scorebook.

That year’s scorebook showed plenty of improvement from 5-23 record in 2018-19. The Spartans, a long-ago powerhouse hoops team, flirted with CIF playoffs for the first time in years by 2019-20.

One last little nugget, though, on the pathway to nabbing that San G coaching job. Said Pablo: “I’m a big L.A. Kings’ fan.”

So, as events turned out, is Maeda.

“We still go to the games,” said Maeda.

Since Pablo and Sarah didn’t land the job at MoVal, the thinking is simple:

They must’ve been Anaheim Ducks’ fans.