They’ve recently been celebrating some positive football vibes across the wash at San Gorgonio High School.

With CB Nate Meadors, an undrafted free agent signing by Minnesota last season, awaiting the 2020 season, he’s part of a highly restricted club. He joins a trio of ex-San G players that played in the NFL.

It brought attention to that 1989 season in which San Gorgonio —beaten by Redlands during the regular season, incidentally —reached the CIF-Southern Section Division 1 championship game.

Fontana beat the Spartans in that game, but it remains one of San G’s lasting memories.

Three players off that team — RB Ron Rivers, DB Dion Thompson and DL Marvin Satcherwhite — made that year’s All-CIF Division 1 squad.

The Redlands connection was simple: Not only did the Terriers, then coached by Mike Churchill, beat the Spartans, but they had their own All-CIF Division 1 player.

DB Marcus Rogers, who like Rivers (also a LB), Satcherwhite (also an OL) and Thompson (also a WR), had double duty on the field. He was Churchill’s halfback in their Delaware Wing T attack.

Yes, he racked up more than 1,000 yards, even helping to lift the Terriers —along with FB Chuck Golob —to a playoff win over Santa Ana Mater Dei (longtime Monarchs’ coach Bruce Rollinson’s first season, incidentally).

Footnote to San G ’89: Three players off San G’s ’89 squad went on to play in the NFL.

Rivers, who spent five years as Barry Sanders’ backup RB in Detroit, had been Spartans’ teammates with Chris Hayes, a DB for the Jets, Packers and Patriots from 1996-2002, plus Lee Cole, drafted by the Houston Oilers.

Footnote on Rogers: He is coaching football at nearby San Bernardino High School.

Footnote II on Rogers: He might’ve been a better basketball player than a football player — all-CIF three times?

* * *

No Ken Hubbs Memorial Award winner this year, especially since it was tough to carve out a true multiple-sport participant — which the Hubbs Award is supposed to be about.

From this area’s footprint:

Arrowhead Christian

Male — Gabriel Torrez (basketball)

Female — Juliann Lackey (volleyball)

Citrus Valley

Male — Colby Grames (football)

Female — Leilani Battle (volleyball, basketball)

Footnote: Her dad, Shaun Battle from Cajon, was the 1992 Ken Hubbs Award winner.


Male — Adam Valencia (football, baseball)

Note: We’re hearing Adam got recognition on April 29 during a 5:30 ceremony. Scoreboard was on. Field was decked out. Got to do something to honor those seniors.

Female — Chelsey Romo (cross country, track)

Romo got recognition on the Terriers’ baseball facility as well, just a short hop where RHS’ track facility once sat.

Redlands East Valley

Male — Garry O’Brien (soccer)

Female — Liberty Williams (aquatics)

* * *

All great picks, of course, but no doubt questioned by parents of other senior athletes who didn’t get picked.

This is a prominent award. Years ago, I got a call from a parent whose daughter was NOT selected as her campus’ Hubbs nominee.Truthfully, his daughter had received other honors. He zeroed in on that campus’ Hubbs nominee.

“Why wouldn’t they pick her?” asked the dad, who was a coach from another area campus. His daughter was, in fact, exceptional, garnering CIF honors from a championship team.

You could see why he questioned the pick.

My humble explanation, which was completely unofficial since I wasn’t involved in any of the selection processes, was simple: Each campus tries hard to honor as many seniors in as many ways as humanly possible to spread around as much cheer.

Each campus has a Male and Female athlete of the year honor.

There’s also the Citrus Belt Area Athlete of the Year honors.

Of course, the Hubbs Award is a big one.

Some of those honors come with banquets, trophies, plaques, a scroll — you name it.

There may be a few other awards. I repeat: Campuses do what they can to honor as many athletes as possible. Not sure if I convinced the dad, but it made me sit up and take notice just how hard it is for each campus to recognize the achievements of its seniors.

* * *

Not to be a naysayer, but time is growing short on starting prep football on a schedule that aligns with August kickoffs. It’s heartbreaking, of course.

Some of the evidence stands out. Some school districts might open it up, but others may not. CIF-Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod will have some comments, perhaps coming this week.

On a side note, rumors are floating that school could start in July. District leadership responds, something like this: “There’s probably not a teachers’ union in California that would allow that to happen.”

In other words, wait for official word.

* * *

Twitter has “blown up” in recent weeks over the naming of Doug Haugh as one of Valparaiso’s football captains. Haugh is the former stud ball-carrying RB from Redlands High who emigrated back to Indiana to play at the NCAA Division I-AA campus.

He is a long-snapper and, if there’s a season, might be involved in toting the rock on a few offensive plays.