Irvine Crean Lutheran, a private high school campus located alongside State Route 241. Some area schools have lined up against the Saints in CIF.

Redlands East Valley’s boys were knocked out of a CIF basketball playoff last season by 14.

Aquinas won, 42-13, in a 2017 football game.

Redlands High’s Justin Schubert shut out the Saints, 2-0, in a 2018 baseball playoff.

Cross country teams have met up with them at invitationals for years.

Gorgeous campus.

Picnic-like setting.

Picturesque view of Orange County from its high terrain.

Wonder what the tuition is?

Politics aside, private schools might be the wave of the future. For some families, that time has already arrived.

Aquinas is headed for illustrious status — if they’re not already there. They’ve decorated their trophy cases as champions in football and softball.

Arrowhead Christian came to life last season — with a limited roster, incidentally — to nab a boys’ basketball championship. It took a couple of former REV coaches, Lance Evboumwan and Ben Myers, to land that one.

Loma Linda Academy has unloaded major firepower in girls volleyball and basketball.

Yes, I can hear the choir singing now:

“Private schools have all the advantages.”

“They play in smaller divisions.”

“Stealing public school athletes.” In other words, they can recruit.

Save it.

Stuff it.

Those championship rings are all the same size.

Education is excellent.

Nothing against the public schools, though. They fill loads of needs.

Love the coaches. Love the kids. All three Redlands public high schools have notched bagfuls of CIF titles.

And launched dozens of college-bound athletes. They achieve their missions, by far.

On that list of pros and cons of public versus private, the pros for private campuses might win out in some categories. Watching area public school scheme and operate is quite a sight, though. Only now, a quarter century later, are we seeing REV getting its long-awaited stadium?

Arrowhead Christian, meanwhile, may be getting super-sized. Its longest-winded advocate, retired Dr. Allan Kavalich, was weighing in with some interesting possibilities for that Tennessee Street campus.

Things we all missed:

• Could a University of Redlands sophomore, Hannah Jugar, lead a talented group of Lady Bulldogs to an NCAA Div. III women’s golf championship?

• I was also curious to check in on Bulldog half-miler Tucker Cargile. He was primed for an upgrade over a 2019 fourth place finish in 2019. I’ve got him in 1:50.44 and dropping.

• Yes, I wanted to see how Citrus Valley’s girls would manage a post-season with a fully loaded softball team. Longtime coach April Finazzo had plenty of speed and firepower, both in the circle and in the batter’s box.

• No, we didn’t get a chance to see Redlands’ Brandon Ford or Estevan Valencia properly finish out their Terrier coaching careers in softball and baseball. Ford moved on to REV and Valencia moved into the athletic director’s office.

• That’s one of those high-achieving posts that not even a private school can match. Tennis. Redlands High. Got the feeling that longtime coach Sean Comadena would be close by to monitor Terrier tennis. He’s had four — count ‘em, four — CIF boys titles. Throw in a girls’ title into that mix.