Brian McCulloch, an absolute favorite among the Redlands Bicycle Classic connections during his nine years — would’ve been a 10th year, but 2020 was canceled — on the local peloton.

At 38, he’s considered “old,” but he blasted to a top 10 finish at the Cedar City, Utah-based Belgian Waffle Ride — 125 miles mostly on non-road conditions.

It’s a gravel ride, folks. Took him six hours and 21 minutes — seventh best time, but first in his 36-to-44 age group.

Among those that McCulloch beat was T.J. Eisenhart, the 2017 overall yellow jersey winner at Redlands.

McCulloch is part of an Elevate squad loaded with cyclists ready to fire.

If there had been a 2020 Redlands Classic, there’s a good chance his team would’ve been strong contenders for any of the jerseys — yellow, green (sprint), King of the Mountain red, or maybe even the white amateur jersey.

* * *

Still some naysayers on Redlands Baseball For Youth issues — full refunds sought for a virtual non-season due to COVID-19 — while baseball officials claim they need that money to build for the following season.

One reader sent me a copy of the seven-page contract RBY has with the city of Redlands. More on this, perhaps, in coming weeks.

Key question: RBY officials say they send $24,000 to the city for field maintenance. Readers believe RBY doesn’t get charged that amount.

Answer could be this: That RBY works out a trade-out; they take care of the field in place of that 24 grand? Lots of grousing remains.

* * *

Then there’s AYSO, the zenith youth soccer program that’s been around since the 1970s. One of its former board members cited that it costs Redlands AYSO players $179 for a season of soccer. Note: There’s also an early-bird price.

“In Yucaipa,” she said, “it costs $70 with no discernable difference in what is being offered.”

Note quite: Yucaipa doesn’t belong to AYSO, but its early-bird price is $110, regular signup fees are $125 and late registration is $140.

Throw this in: Redlands AYSO takes $17.50 per registrant right off the top of those fees for the national organization.

She also cited that Redlands AYSO is sitting on an endowment of about a $500,000.

* * *

More from Brian Snell, the insider who keeps tabs on local sports history, especially when it pertains to the Terrier Hall of Fame.

Not to rag on the Terrier Hall by any means, but here are a couple names to remember:

Swimmer Ben Worby, for instance. Swimming scholarship to Division 1 Alabama. A bunch of second place finishes at CIF while dueling against Olympic-bound athletes.

Worby represents tons of great swimmers — swimming for their school while working out with Redlands Swim Team under Hall of Fame coach Chuck Riggs.

All that prep for AAU Junior and Senior Nationals, then choosing to swim a meaningless duel against, say, Apple Valley or Colton. Meaningless, that is, because it didn’t benefit the swimmer at all — just the team.

There is a difference, says Snell, “toward multisport athletes, but there’s a difference between being all-league in two sports and All-American in another.”


Connor Duncan, the Terrier Class of 2000, was a three-year varsity soccer player — a big deal, folks, considering how great Terrier soccer’s been during that remarkable era.

Check this out, though: He’d have been varsity all four seasons if not being nosed out for a spot as a freshman, the same year as future Olympian/World Cup player Landon Donovan was playing.

Donovan and Duncan played the same position.

Guy had a cannon left arm in the pool, too. He had plenty of leg on the football field, kicking and punting his senior season.

Add it all up. He swam, played polo, kicked and punted in football, played soccer on some solid Terrier teams.

Duncan’s best sport had to be soccer, we’re saying, because he wound up playing D-1 soccer at University of San Diego.

Brian Snell belongs on the Terrier Hall selection committee.

* * *

That Hall of Fame business could be a mess. Here’s another name, surprisingly not from Snell:

Rozanne Dominguez, who is now Rozie DeWeese.

A brilliant soccer scoring machine who also played softball and volleyball. Off to Cal State San Bernardino, eventually landing at Indiana State University for a master’s degree.

No one has this résumé, folks: She’s in West Sacramento coaching with Davis Legacy, UC Davis, Sacramento State, the director of youth soccer in Sacramento — and she teaches soccer coaches.

We’ll track her down. Rozie would be a great example to follow around these parts — male or female.

This is yet another Hall candidate. See how they add up after only a few years?

* * *

Get set for the ultimate road trip — a cross-country bike ride from historical Yorktown, Virginia.

“Yes,” he said, “there is a Revolutionary War museum.”

Sam Smith took that journey, alone, packed with stuff on two wheels. His mom met him in Oregon for the car ride home.

Story to follow in coming weeks.

A lot going on.

Yes, he loved it, but probably won’t do it again.

He’s a past student body president at Redlands East Valley.

Stay tuned.

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