Ella Nadeau

All-Citrus Belt League football team Citrus Valley lands nine on All-CBL football


High running back Freddy Fletcher was named the Most Valuable Offensive Player of the All-Citrus Belt League football team. His teammate, Presley Snyder-Montgomery, was MVP on defense.

League champion Cajon put four players on offense and four on defense.

Citrus Valley placed five players on offense and four on defense.

Redlands East Valley put one on offense and one on defense.

Redlands landed three on defense.


Most Valuable Player: Freddy Fletcher, Cajon, junior.

Quarterbacks: Dylan Wheatley, Citrus Valley, senior and Michael Cruz, Beaumont, senior.

Running backs: Armando Cuellar, Beaumont, sophomore; Jeremiah Claiborne, Citrus Valley, sophomore; JoJo Barajas, Yucaipa, junior.

Wide receivers: Gabe Nuñez, Beaumont, junior; Ethan Powell, Cajon, junior; Ty’Jhon Belton, Citrus Valley, senior; Sergio Cervantes, Citrus Valley, junior; and Louie Sandoval III, Yucaipa, senior.

Outside linebackers: Joseph Peukert, Beaumont, senior; Maximus Tafeaga, Cajon, senior; Jahsaiah Lockhart, Cajon, senior; James Burke, Citrus Valley, junior; Tarek Aburadaha, Redlands East Valley, senior; and Dylan Sprague, Yucaipa, senior.

Utility: Elijah James, Yucaipa, senior.


MVP: Presley Snyder-Montgomery, Cajon, senior.

Defensive linebackers: Vinny Herrera, Beaumont, senior; Kevin Palacios, Beaumont, junior; and David Gusta, Cajon, senior.

Defensive end: Osman Bolanos, Citrus Valley, junior; DJ McMartin, Redlands, junior; Sevith Kraut, Beaumont, senior.

Linebackers: Sergio Porras, Citrus Valley, junior; Arturo Diaz, Redlands, senior; James Scearce, Redlands East Valley, senior; Dylan Stevens, Yucaipa, senior.

Defensive backs: Mark Vanderwoude, Beaumont, senior; Talmage Hughes, Cajon, junior; Tyler Thomas, Citrus Valley, senior; Brock Lium, Citrus Valley, sophomore and Jacob Garcia, Yucaipa, senior.

Kickers/punter: Hector Ortega, Cajon, senior.

Utility: Ben Best, Redlands, senior; and JeyQuan Smith, Cajon, sophomore.

All-Citrus Belt League baseball team

Citrus Valley lands five on All-CBL first team

Five players from second-place Citrus Valley made the first team of the recently announced All-Citrus Belt League baseball team.

League champion Yucaipa put seven players on the first team, including league Most Valuable Player Jacob Reimer who hit seven home runs and is committed to Cal State University, Fullerton.

Fourth place Redlands East Valley landed three players on the first team. Redlands did not have a first-team player but put three players on the second team, all juniors.

Most Valuable Player: Jacob Reimer, Yucaipa, junior

First team: Seth Gregory, Beaumont, senior; Sebastian Flores, Cajon, senior; Cristian Leos, Cajon, senior; Blake Griffin, Citrus Valley, senior; Riley Hunsaker, Citrus Valley, sophomore; Jacob Jacome, Citrus Valley, sophomore; Matt Mecate, Citrus Valley, senior; Jared Snyder, Citrus Valley, junior; Jared Benash, Redlands East Valley, senior; Chase Dabbs, REV, senior; Laviel Pickett, REV, junior; Danny Arambula, Yucaipa, freshman; Owen Egan, Yucaipa, sophomore; Carter Herrera, Yucaipa, junior; Caiden Huber, Yucaipa, senior; Jacob Reimer, Yucaipa, junior; Aiden Richert, Yucaipa, senior; Luke Scherrer, Yucaipa, sophomore.

Second team: Alec Bressler, Beaumont, senior; Garrett Bougie, Cajon, senior; Junior Burks, Cajon, senior; Michael McQueen, Cajon, junior; JD Stainaker, Cajon, junior; Devin Martinez, Citrus Valley, senior; Cy Robertson, Citrus Valley, junior; Josh Torres, Citrus Valley, sophomore; Lucas White, Citrus Valley, senior; Travis Jimenez, Redlands, junior; Arnold Regalado, Redlands, junior; Vince Rivera, Redlands, junior; Tyler Albanese, REV, sophomore; Ray Fellow, REV, senior; Wes Hickey, Yucaipa, freshman; Wyatt Doty, Yucaipa, junior.

Honorable mentions: Anson Kraut, Beaumont, junior; Adam Monteon, Cajon, senior; Jacob Horner, Citrus Valley, junior; Branden Frazier, Redlands, senior; Jason Granado, REV, senior; Chase Antillon, Yucaipa, junior.

All-Citrus Belt League girls softball

Stanford-bound Nadeau nabs softball MVP

Citrus Valley High’s Ella Nadeau was named Most Valuable Player and Beaumont’s Cambria Salmon Most Valuable Pitcher of the All-Citrus Belt League softball team.

The Stanford-bound Nadeau hit .582 with three home runs and 26 runs batted in.

“It’s a well-deserved honor,” said Citrus Valley coach April Finazzo said. “Aside from being incredibly athletic, she is hard-working and resilient. Everything thrown at her, she takes in stride and overcomes.”

Finazzo mentioned Nadeau moving here during the middle of her freshman year and having to adjust. Nadeau also overcame an injury in her sophomore year and, along with everyone else, had her 2020 season cut short.

Nadeau was surprised to win the award.

“I am in utter shock,” she said. “There are so many talented and incredible players in this league, and I am beyond grateful.”

Nadeau is excited to attend Stanford where she will continue her softball career.

“I am looking forward to starting new and being pushed by all the amazing athletes around me,” she said. “This is a new step, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

Most Valuable Player: Ella Nadeau, Citrus Valley, senior

Most Valuable Pitcher: Cambria Salmon, Beaumont, freshman

First team: Alyssa Warrick, Beaumont, senior; Jasmine Placencia, Beaumont, junior; Priscilla Mora, Beaumont, senior; Jillian Vasquez, Beaumont, junior; Mika Lee, Citrus Valley, senior; Malie Noda, Citrus Valley, sophomore; Anessa Jimenez, Citrus Valley, junior; Emily Gonzalez, Yucaipa, junior; Emma Martinez, Yucaipa, junior; Kylie Johnson, Redlands East Valley, senior; Mackenzie San Pedro, REV, senior; Lindsay Cabral, Redlands, senior; Kimberly Rodas, Cajon, junior.

Second team: Irene Martin, Beaumont, senior; Leah Mays, Beaumont, sophomore; Kaylee Vasquez, Beaumont, senior; Jaelin Haynes, Citrus Valley, junior; Taylor Petty, Citrus Valley, sophomore; Sofia Di Carlo, Citrus Valley, senior; Lauren Bishop, Citrus Valley, junior; Aneesa Arredondo, Yucaipa, senior; Saige Alexander, Yucaipa, junior; Ivy Walker, REV, freshman; Amanda Waymire, REV, freshman; Jacey Leyvas, Redlands, senior; Karina Carbajal, Cajon, senior; Kailicianna Calder, Cajon, junior.

Honorable mentions: Madison Navarette, Beaumont, senior; Kailey Sullivan, Citrus Valley, junior; Kaelyn Loncharich, Yucaipa, senior; Rosalinda Ramirez, REV, junior; Vanessa Flores, Cajon, junior; Jaedyn Lincoln, Redlands, sophomore.

All-Citrus Belt League girls basketball

REV, Redlands players make All-Citrus Belt League

Five players from high schools in Redlands made the All-Citrus Belt League girls’ basketball team.

Senior Ebony Staten of Redlands East Valley High earned first-team honors.

REV’s Kaylei Lewis and Anaya Singer made second team.

Making honorable mention were REV’s Alyssa Lopez and Redlands’ Tahlia Howard.

League champion Cajon put six players on the team.

First team: Ayana Campbell, Cajon sophomore; Sanaisha Morgan, Cajon, senior; Talia Washington, Cajon, junior; Mykelle Richards, Cajon, freshman; Jana Roman, Beaumont, junior; Jada Long, Beaumont, sophomore; Marilyn Jacques, Yucaipa, sophomore; Halle Aldrich, Yucaipa, senior; Ebony Staten, Redlands East Valley, senior.

Second team: Jayleen Gonzalez, Cajon, junior; Kaylana Looner, junior; Grace Lee, Beaumont, freshman; Janelle Pilao, Beaumont, sophomore; Aranxta Roman, Beaumont, junior; Makayla Harding, Yucaipa, sophomore; Kaylei Lewis, Redlands East Valley, senior; Anaya Singer, Redlands East Valley, sophomore.

Honorable mention: Neveah Clegg, Cajon, freshman; Emma Tavares, Beaumont, junior; Nicole Calbreath, Yucaipa, senior; Alyssa Lopez, Redlands East Valley, sophomore; Tahlia Howard, Redlands, junior.