The council's Measure G claim about the MALL is a Smokescreen. The council can approve a Malt project tomorrow with a 4/5 vote. Measure G is about ELIMINATING the standards of Prop R and Measures N and U to allow for THOUSANDS of MULTI-STORY APARTMENTS in the area bounded by Grove to Alabama east to west and Colton to Brookside/Citrus north to south., approximately 782 acres.

What G really does:

        Eliminates all building HEIGHT and DENSITY requirements., allowing apartment buildings of any height and size

•        Eliminates TRAFFIC congestion standards. Adds thousands of vehicles to our streets.

•        Worsens PARKING and AIR QUALITY.

        Eliminates requirements for downtown development to PAY FULL impact fees and costs of services. Any shortfall would be paid by taxpayers or result in reduced services.

•        Puts an unfair tax burden on single family homes. Apartments pay a FRACTION of the taxes that single family homes do, yet demand the same services.

•        Negatively impacts our WATER supply which could result in further restrictions, public SERVICES like policing and increases the burden on our SCHOOLS.

There's nothing about the Mall in Measure G. It's about building thousands of high-rise apartments. The goal Is housing for thousands commuting west.

No provision is made for seniors, low-wage employees downtown or the homeless.

R, N and U have protected our quality of life, our property values and the character and image of our town. Measure G sacrifices those standards, protections and controls for massive apartment development. Redlands deserves better.

NO on Measure G

Caryl Forristall

William E. Cunningham

Larry Leonard

Fred Dill

Katrina Cavarno