Why Walmart backed out

Re: “Walmart abandons Redlands crossing,” Jan 7.

The only “surprise” about Walmart’s decision was that it wasn’t done sooner. This wasn’t so much about Walmart getting out of the Super Walmart business.

It was just another of the city’s self-inflicted wounds dragging out a project for years by nitpicking it to death as usual so it would be “oh so Redlands.” The Super Walmart would’ve been up and running in a year in the doughnut hole.

Also the city’s overly restrictive development standards along with Caltrans and the city’s infrastructure demands on the project was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This is another expensive lesson the city has yet to learn and a preview of transit village projects if Measure G passes the way the city does business.

The city states it’s going to rezone the property for housing, which it was previously zoned for. This is where transit villages should be built instead of single family sprawl. It’s a straight shot down New York Street to Esri’s train station. There’s also a bus route that travels along two sides of the property.

Or this property needs to be used for the low-income and affordable housing the city is required to build.