I strongly disagree with the recent editorial that sided with Councilman Mick Gallagher’s lone vote against flying the rainbow pride flag during the month of June.

As a member of the LGBTQ community in Redlands. I was heartened by the flying of the flag as well as the rainbow crosswalk on Vine Street. I feel recognized when I see the city embracing diversity and inclusiveness as it claims in its core values.

It is crucial to note that the pride flag is flown on government buildings, California state buildings, embassies around the world and lit up the While House in 2015.

What does the flying of the rainbow flag at City Hall signify? Could it mean members of the LGBTQ community are valued, recognized and respected?

Could the rainbow flag flying in Redlands give the message to our LGBTQ youth that they are respected? The message says it is OK to be gay in Redlands — at least in the month of June.

Perhaps it signifies and respects LGBTQ Redlands citizens who have never been recognized before.

It might even mean that Redlands has exited its closet and realizes that LGBTQ citizens are productive members of the city.

If LGBTQ citizens were actually accepted in our society, then public displays of rainbows would be unnecessary. But until then Mr. Gallagher might learn from Councilwoman Denise Davis.