On March 3, Redlands residents have an important decision to make. As a community, are we OK with the Redlands Mall remaining in its current state for the foreseeable future? Without the passage of Measure G, the mall property cannot be developed. Our city will also not be able to build a parking structure, which would benefit downtown businesses significantly.

Another aspect that many don't realize is the recent housing laws enacted by the governor, among other things, limiting local control, establishes housing goals by county that will be passed on to each city, Redlands included. Failure to meet those targets will result in state-enforced financial penalties.

The City Council cannot override parts of U, R or N, which is why they are going through the ballot process to exempt the transit villages.

Increasing retail, housing and transportation options will allow our businesses to thrive and reduce the increased homelessness and loitering downtown.

For residents that are frustrated with the lack of progress for the past decade with the Redlands Mall, I strongly urge you to VOTE YES ON G.

Deborah G. O'Hara, Redlands' Concierge, Redlands Visitor Center