Once again, Redlands Community Toastmasters Club 8950 has stepped into the Redlands community spotlight with Earth Day reminders and a best speech award.

Last week’s Earth Day theme was presented by club president Sunita Jain who focused on preserving the earth’s natural resources. We learned there are five major issues that need to be monitored to protect our planet: air pollution, deforestation, species extinction, soil degradation and overpopulation.

Redlands bike lanes help bikers travel safely while reducing vehicle pollutants. Planting five trees for each tree lost, recycling, water conservation, reusable shopping bags, community cleanup, crop rotation, wildlife conservation and educational health care programs are some of the tools to be sharpened in caring for Mother Earth.

Toastmasters offers excellent self-education tools to help members enhance their communication skills for personal or professional development.

 This is done through presentation of prepared speeches that are shared and constructively evaluated by members.

Toastmasters member Rosabel Young of Redlands recently won best speaker award as she shared a poignant relationship with her husband who died too soon and left her a widow. Toastmasters listened with their hearts as Rosabel verbally painted a humble personality portrait of her spouse, David, who excelled in self-education. He was a self-taught carpenter and an electrician who helped install Redlands streetlights. David also helped young people learn trade skills that contributed to the restoration of Redlands homes. He helped preserve the fragrant blooming orange grove that is yet home to the Young family as caretakers tend to the modest property full of memories of Rosabel’s beloved David.  

TM Club 8950 is open to members and guests via remote in conformance with COVID-19 recommendations. For more information, call Sunita at (909) 435-5887.

 Joan Marie Patsky, Beaumont