John Berry invited people to a Tea Party Patriots rally to show support for the police and reject arguments by Black Lives Matter who seek to rein in police behavior toward people of color. Obviously, indicting all cops is unacceptable, but we definitely need substantial reform in how police departments are conceived and structured.

He claims that Black Lives Matter has been “hijacked by a movement seeking submission” and that social justice protest “has devolved into mob violence destroying public property.” He might have emphasized that the vast majority of demonstrations have been peaceful, that militarized response is unacceptable and that some of the violence was perpetrated by Far Right racists seeking to discredit Black Lives Matter.

Berry invokes Orwell’s view of Big Brother intimidation by Black Lives Matter supporters, but a much stronger Orwellian case is Trump’s blatant disregard for what our intelligence services have identified, namely that Putin is hard at work helping him subvert our democracy.

Echoes of fascism? Perhaps.  

Roger Bell, Redlands