Re: “Moving beyond polarized divides,” Keith Osajima, July 16.

I applaud Keith Osajima’s commentary calling on us to “[Move] beyond polarizing divides,” but there is a bit too much “bothsidesism” in his characterization of the “fractious nature of the debate.” There is no debate here — only people like Donna West and Harriet Clark justifying their distaste for actual history by villainizing our teachers and school boards.

Certainly, there are radical voices on the left, but we are not hearing them in this debate. Rather, all we hear are hollow thumps as the Wests and Clarks of the world keep kicking the ridiculous strawperson version of the dreaded “CRT” they have erected.

Furthermore, Osajima assumes these two (and the right-wing pundits trying to Astroturf this “issue” across the country) are arguing in good faith. They are not.

There is a fundamental problem here, and it’s called white nationalism.

There are people in this country who believe that America is an exceptional country chosen and blessed by God. How can these people ever truly accept that America has a history of racialized inequality? Osajima listed but a few of the many facets of life that have been negatively affected by the systemic racism that has been here since the start on this nation.

The Wests and Clarks of the nation will never approve of the teaching of actual, fact-based history. It pulls back the curtain on myth of American exceptionalism.

Robert Jones, Redlands