Isabella Bojorquez, a junior, Class of 2021

I am writing to urge the City Council to implement a graduation parade for the Class of 2020 sometime this summer, depending on permissions due to the coronavirus. Our seniors got robbed of their remaining moments before reaching adulthood. They deserve more than a drive-thru graduation. Our seniors have completed 12 years of schooling and dreamt of experiencing their senior year.

My name is Isabella Bojorquez, a junior, Class of 2021 student who has attended schools in the Redlands Unified School District from my preschool to present years. I am an AP and honors student with a 4.0 GPA, a Kimberly Junior and I also play travel softball.

I have created a petition through in which I have gained almost 500 supporters who would help grant our Redlands seniors a graduation parade in Downtown Redlands in honor of the Class of 2020. It would be an honor for Redlands to invite our people to be a part of a celebration for their hard work, especially during this pandemic.

Since California citizens have been under quarantine, many cities have participated in graduation parades for their seniors. In the near future, the parade would take place in downtown Redlands, like the yearly Redlands Christmas parade.

The seniors would walk on foot, still practicing social distancing, in their cap and gown organized based on what school they attend. The parade could take place on a summer Thursday (at the latest, in mid-July due to some seniors leaving for college) in the afternoon. After the parade, families can attend market night.

I have the support from current PTA president of Redlands East Valley High School PTSA President Laura Mapes and others to make this possible. Decorating and other details can be discussed in the future.

Thank you for the consideration of our request of granting a celebration for the Class of 2020. I hope you can make this possible for the seniors. I know it would put a smile on their faces through this unexpected barricade to their final year of high school.

Isabella Bojorquez, Redlands