I have lived in Redlands all my life. I’m 19 and going to college for political science. I mention this because most likely I’ll move out this city and never come back.

I say this because when most people in the Inland Empire get a college education they leave and create a brain drain for the Inland Empire.

Redlands has an effectuation for its heritage. Its 2019 and Redlands doesn’t even have a shopping mall or an affordable community college. We must move on from the orange groves that are just there to because of the city tells developers they have to plant them to build new homes. Nothing happens with these oranges they sit there and drop to the dirt and rot in the sun.

We must embrace the future and not live in the past. I heard of complaints of buildings being too high because it ruins the “skyline.” Really? While people can’t afford housing? This is the concern we are worried about. We are filled with low-skilled, low-paying jobs and meanwhile the skyline and heritage are the biggest issue.  

We need to invest in creating a community college to encourage affordable college in our city and need to encourage business and outside business in hopes of bringing high-paying jobs. Roads to be fixed, such as San Bernardino Avenue, instead of waiting for developers to fix them.  

We are an ever-growing city that is the jewel of the Inland Empire and to keep that name we must move on and embrace the future. Heritage is great but its useless for the youth and does nothing to help us move into the future.