Thank you to the people of Redlands who make up the membership and the clubs and organizations that contribute to worthwhile, nonprofit organizations. Redlands is the most generous community when it comes to helping others and this is a unique place because of its generosity.  

There are many worthwhile organizations in our community that need help and, on behalf of the Micah House and the Mansion Memories program, I thank the community for making this a successful year.  

I have had the opportunity to bring in two young men who have volunteered to help in the raising of funds of these two organizations. They both expressed their desire in helping in this program and I’m sure will be vital to the success in the future. When a person turns 86 and slows down considerably, it’s time to turn to the younger generation for their help.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me, personally, to have been acquainted with so many people I ordinarily would not have met.

They always say it’s best to go out when you’re ahead and in appreciation of the skateboard project and thanks to the generosity of the City Council’s approval of the funding when things look a little desperate.

Also thanks to the two executive directors of the programs, Alison Anderson and Dianna Lawson. The growth of the Micah House and the Mansion Memories programs make it easier to seek out others to help with the program.  

My sincere thanks to the community and their willingness to annually help these programs.