Re: “Do the math on Measure T,” Robert Toister, Sept. 11.

Thanks to Robert Toister for doing the often-dreaded math on Redlands’ Measure T. The additional 10 cents of tax on the purchase of $10 of taxable items (not groceries and prescription medicine) is entirely reasonable, sorely needed for our city's services, and that's why I am voting for it.

   To clear up similar confusion on California’s Proposition 15, voters should be aware that its passage would raise taxes only on commercial or business properties valued at $3 million or more. No property tax change for residential or agricultural lands. This means the super wealthy, including mega corporations, will finally pay their fair share. Prop. 15 does not repeal "old Prop 13." It simply corrects an obvious inequity. And the funds raised will go to our public schools and community services.

   I urge voters to join me in supporting Measure T and Prop. 15.

David Salvaggio, retired teacher, Redlands