I am writing to express my excitement and support for the Redlands transit village. I strongly believe that the kind of mixed-use development likely to occur in the transit villages will greatly contribute to Redlands citizens' quality of life and is right for the city at this time.

As the council deliberates on the final form of the ballot measure, I would like you to communicate my wish for the council to do whatever is in their power to make the language adopted in the measure as simple and appealing as possible.

I would also like for you to communicate my wish that the council do what it can to reach out to a younger generation of Redlanders, who, on the whole, appear to support this project. It is my experience that those of a younger generation, 18-25, support the idea of the transit villages, but often lack information about them or are entirely unaware of the project. Perhaps as the council moves forward, there might be an initiative to reach out specifically to these groups.

Edward Ferrari, Redlands