I am deeply puzzled by the general tone, temperament, and content of many of the remarks made by a letter writer who criticizes our wise, thoughtful and sensible Congressman Pete Aguilar who voted to impeach the man whose incendiary remarks on Jan. 6 in front of the symbol of our democracy, the Capitol, led to the violent insurrection by hundreds of his crazed supporters who bought into the false QAnon conspiracy theory that somehow an election which this man lost by big margins in both the Electoral College and the popular vote was stolen from him.

 I say the above because this letter writer chides our  excellent representative in the House for allegedly not desiring unity after this desecration to our democratic norms. She should realize that while both our congressman and the man who is attempting to restore the normality to our nation, Joe Biden, both want unity this cannot be realized until those thugs and bigots who wanted to kill both the vice president and Speaker Nancy Pelosi get the long jail terms, which their illegal and secessionist actions demand.

In addition the letter writer overlooks those actions of the president that led to this carnage. Thus, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, a hard-nosed ultra-conservative whose father was vice president under President Bush, correctly said, in her vote to impeach this lawless president: “The president of  the United States summoned this mob and lit the flame of this attack. Events, which followed, were his doing.”

 Yes, unity is to be desired but not at the cost of allowing those who wanted to overthrow this government by force and violence to pay a deserved penalty for their illegal and unconstitutional acts and violent behavior.

 Donald L. Singer, Redlands