Re: “Open schoolyards during summer,” Scott McCraw, Aug. 2.

I am writing in response to Scott McGraw's letter.

As a school employee, I believe the lawns and grounds should not be open to the public at all. There are plenty of parks in the area.

I have 18 years experience working at schools in Redlands Unified and I can tell you that the general public has little regard for school

grounds. They litter, use school grounds to party and vandalize school property.

In addition, even though there is a city ordinance against it, many people walk their dogs on school grounds and DO NOT pick up after them.

When school is in session, students are constantly stepping in dog feces and then the school staff is left to clean it all up. Of course the grounds are maintained and the lawns mowed and watered over the summer.

Would the public prefer to see overgrown and/or dead grass, bushes and plants at all of the schools?

It would cost more to bring these things back to life when school resumed.

I think our city does “work well” and if you don't think so you always have the option to move to another city.

Susan Schoeny, Redlands