Why do Republicans call themselves conservative? What does that mean, today? The conservative movement once had national spokesmen like William F. Buckley, who advocated for the decriminalization of drugs. Why, you ask? Because he was a constitutionally conservative Republican, not beholden to corporate bribery.

Today, many who call themselves conservative Republicans are neither conservative nor Republican. They’re just angry populists, who have increased their awareness, but not their political acumen.

This can explain why Fox News and other rightwing media propaganda is so popular; but, how does this explain our Vietnam generation supporting for president a draft dodging, tax evading, racist trust fund baby, ill-equipped for public office?

How could this happen? It must be the man behind the curtain.

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy discovered there was a man behind the curtain controlling it all. We see the same reality, today. It’s really not complicated. Many countries have figured it out. We cannot have a Democratic Republic when legalized bribery is controlling our Congress. We must get corporate money out of our political system.

The deceptively named Citizens United ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court must be reversed to close the floodgates of money buying our representative democracy.  

Enough is enough! We are the owners. We control the vote, when enough of us do vote. Congress cannot reform itself, only the owners can reform and end the legalized bribery by voting for candidates who do not take corporate money.

Forget the party name. There are only two types of candidates for us to vote for: those who are owned by their private corporate donors and those who are not. Vote for the candidate owned by public contributors, motivated to serving the public. Follow the money.