Re: “A penny for your thoughts on proposed sales tax hike,” Leo Connolly, Aug. 7.

I thank Leo Connolly for his commentary in the Redlands Community News. It was very informative.

On July 11, I wrote a letter to our city manager, Charles Duggan Jr., right after the City Council voted to place the 1-cent sales tax increase on the Nov. 3 ballot. I wrote, “Would I vote in November for the sales tax? I believe I would if there were an ending period — say five years — and to be considered at that time. I think the voters would be more inclined to vote yes if this was in place.”

I received no response from Mr. Duggan and in later news there has been no mention of time limits. Unless there is a time limit, I will vote no. Even our mayor stated at the council meeting that evening, “I hope in three or five years we will be in a good place.”

I know the need is now, but I will never vote for a never-ending tax increase.

Karen Flippin, Redlands

Editor’s note: Measure T has no term limit. If it passes, it can only be rescinded by another ballot measure.