It is worrisome that Measure G on the March 3 ballot has encountered opposition. It is clearly in the best interest of Redlands residents. Redlands Mall has become an abandoned eyesore.

The advent of the new rail service opens an opportunity for progress and increased vitality, which Measure G addresses.

Present land use restrictions prohibit redevelopment of Redlands Mall. Measure G allows development to proceed while keeping control in the hands of local residents.

Contrary to the argument that “Measure G will allow high-rise construction,” G restricts building heights and manages growth. Outside designated transit zones, current restricted growth measures continue to be in force.

If the measure does not pass, Redlands will be subject to state-imposed housing laws, which could lead to greater density and larger buildings than would be permitted under the provisions of Measure G.

Measure G’s intent is to stimulate economic growth and support smaller entrepreneurs. It will make downtown more accessible and improve parking.

A more pedestrian friendly village in the transit areas will make for a vibrant and usable downtown more like the Redlands we love versus the suburban sprawl that requires an automobile to do almost anything.

Opposition to Measure G is well-meaning, hoping to preserve the images of old Redlands. However, G will maintain the characteristics most residents hold dear. Measure G will allow the desirable qualities to be maintained, nurtured and expanded.

We urge voters to support Measure G on March 3.

Robert and Denise Bourne, Redlands