Many of us plan for a rainy day and shake our heads, some of us make casseroles and donate old clothes, and a number of us simply turn away from the residents without homes.  

We are facing a battle far worse than our previous fight over Measure G and our constant disagreement over homelessness — we want to survive COVID19.  

We are staying home to reduce the spread of the virus to protect our own health care at the Redlands Community Hospital. Our residents without homes are well-informed of the virus because the YMCA and gyms are closed.

Many homeless residents have gym memberships for the sole purpose of accessing showers. The shower programs organized by churches are also closed. This is the time for the city to access existing resources to meet this need. We have idle showers connected to empty gyms. The gyms can easily serve as places to isolate those with symptoms.

The homeless in Redlands have been without access to showers for three weeks. It would be better for us to use the many empty showers in Redlands today than be short medical masks, gloves and ventilators next week. Please talk to your friends and message your council members.

Hannah McAnespie, Redlands­