I’m writing about the current state of the City Council. In the 38 years of living in Redlands, I have never seen it so dysfunctional. The constant complaining when someone doesn’t get his or her way is distracting from the business of the council. It’s childish and makes the city look like a laughingstock.

Just because someone doesn’t care for your ideas doesn’t mean it’s because of your sexual orientation or the color of your skin.

It may very well be because of your character, or maybe it’s just not a good idea and doesn’t serve the citizens as much as it serves yourself.

If there are council members who can’t respect others’ opinions, and move on and perform their job duties, perhaps they should resign and make room for someone who can conduct themselves in a businesslike manner.

We’ve just gone through four years of this at the national level. The nation is traumatized. Stop airing out your petty grievances on social media and goading people into virtual lynch mob behavior.

I would respectfully ask that all members work with the council and be part of a team, or resign.

Rhonda Stanton, Redlands