The Redlands Community News four pages of coverage (including an editorial) of the sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team raids in the high desert struck me as inappropriate for these reasons:                  

1. Opioid overdose deaths nationally were up 29% last year to 91,000. Over 7,000 died in California in 2020.

2. Johnson & Johnson, Purdue Pharma and others agreed to a $26 billion settlement for distributing opioids.

3. There were no marijuana overdose deaths reported in 2020.

4. Senator Obernolte should be concerned with the opioid crisis in his district instead of asking the U.S. attorney general to help deal with farmers growing more than six cannabis plants.

5. Where is Helendale?

John Grimm, Redlands

Editor’s note: As the story said, Helendale is a town of about 5,600 in the Victor Valley of the Mojave Desert on Route 66.