Kimberly Elementary School

The yard at Kimberly Elementary School was well-maintained over the summer, but nobody from the public was allowed to enjoy it.

The city wasted opportunity to have open additional Redlands parks this summer. For just a micro-fraction of the cost that has been paid for the painting and maintenance of all of the Redland's bike lanes, we could have opened our school's lawns and playgrounds to the community during the summer months when our schools were closed and not in session.

Although the schools have been closed during the summer, their lawns have still been mowed and watered. The playgrounds have still been maintained. Yet, the public has been locked out! Why? Was it because the lawns and playgrounds have been classified as school property rather than park property?

Yet, on weekends and after the closing bell rings on weekdays during the school year, those same schools become quasi-parks when the schools are no longer in session. The playgrounds and lawns have been open to the community for sports and play at these times.

What a waste and disservice to the community to not allow the same public access to those grounds over the summer months as had been permitted during the school year. I thought, as our logo proposes, that we have “A city that works,” but sometimes, not very well!