Over the past several years I have noticed that people living in or passing through Redlands no longer seem to respect the traffic laws.  

I have lived next to a public school on the eastside of town for the past 34 years.

I am on the corner of a fairly busy north/south street, which has a four-way stop.

I have observed that many drivers totally disregard the stop sign and proceed through the intersection at speed.

They also turn right or left without stopping. This even occurs when school is in session.

Earlier this year the Redlands Police Department assigned two officers to the traffic division, which had been non-existent for a number of years. Yet, I rarely see people pulled over for any traffic violations. The only way that these violations will stop is if they start receiving tickets for them.

I also believe it would be beneficial if this newspaper obtains information on the number of tickets issued, and the violations they are charged with.

This should be published along with the list of other calls that are published on a weekly basis.

Tom Niblack, Redlands