I have lived in Redlands for the past 28 years. I had the pleasure to work at one of Redlands’ historic gems, the AK Smiley Public Library as a librarian before retiring in 2009. Our historic charm, sense of community and respect for tradition are key reasons why I am proud to call Redlands home.

I want to see Redlands maintain our small town charm, livability and rich history, which is why I'm urging all of my neighbors to join me in voting yes on Measure G.

If Measure G does not pass, our city will be subject to recent state legislation intended to address California’s housing shortage. This legislation mandates what type of housing and development our community should have.

The result of not passing Measure G can lead to uncontrolled building heights downtown and an influx of housing that we have no say over. Passing Measure G will set guidelines for development and allow us to control growth.

If we are to protect treasures like the Redlands Bowl, Smiley Library and our historic downtown we must step up for local control and vote yes on Measure G.