Re: “Voters should make better election choices,” John Berry, Dec. 2.

Recently I picked up my copy of the Redlands Community News and found an entertaining commentary from a member of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots putting a pox on the Make America Great Again crowd of Mentone's houses. Wow, does that ever sum up our new 2023 Congress? The semi -crazy whack jobs duking it out with the MAGA crowd. Talk about herding cats, I think we've hit the apex.

One more response to John Berry letter about being better informed about the people we elect to office. Maybe he should find out if New York’s Third district has a newspaper I’m sure about now those people would agree.

Also please publish a list of who you want to see in office. Please publish it early so I can not only vote against that person I can actively campaign against them. I sure don't want to make a mistake with my vote. Also, if your 10-year-old is being taught critical race theory, don't worry about them. They are in their third year of law school. They'll be OK.