Maintain local control

There are numerous details about Measure G that we can get out in the weeds and argue about but I believe it boils down to "Do we want to implement our plan — the city and citizens of Redlands — in the development and beautification of the three transit districts being created or do we want the state to impose its plan?   

Measure G is our plan! Current state legislation and bills being reintroduced in the Legislature has or will have the state take over and dictate local zoning laws, allowing very high-density allowances in apartments and eliminate any height restrictions throughout the entire city. These laws are here and more coming. Measure G relates only to the three transit districts.

A large majority of Redlanders elected our mayor and City Council members and trust them to keep the city moving forward and direct the development of the city, while at the same time know that they will preserve the culture and beauty of Redlands in the best interest of all Redlanders.  

The choice is simple: Vote yes on G and ensure that the decisions will be made and controlled here within our city or not have Measure G pass and have the state allow very high density in apartments, control local zoning laws and take away any restrictions on the height of buildings throughout all of the city!

Bob Botts, member of the Redlands Planning Commission