Monte and I are delighted each Friday (after being shut-in a week) to be able to catch up with the Redlands Community News delivered in the mail. Even though organizations and the arts are not meeting, we found out what everyone is doing and how they are doing it.

We want to share a fun activity that sprang up a couple weeks ago on our Center Crest Drive cul-de-sac of more than 20 homes.

We have a dozen children on the block, and one young mother emailed us all near St. Patrick's Day to place a shamrock in the window — to give the children out biking and walking something to look for and count.  

Then this week the new request was Teddy bears. So I emailed back to find out how many the children found -- and the answer was 10.

The emails even brought back a photo of Leigh and Suzy Morgan's new home in Georgia — because they keep up electronically on everything that happens in our neighborly block. Just now Monte and I walked our cul-de-sac to see if we could also spot all those bears.  

Now I am hoping they put out a request next week for Easter eggs or something else for spring. Today's batch of exchanges brought recommendations and luscious photos on where to go for take-out.

One neighbor also got neighbors to bring sack lunches to leave on her bench so she could take them down to the Methodist Church to share with those needing food.  

We've been here 41 years on this street and always knew we have a special neighborhood. We wish this feeling now for all neighborhoods of Redlands.

Nelda M. Stuck, Redlands