Re: “Support the library, not intolerance,” Thomas Guzowski. Jan. 6.

Commendations to Thomas Guzowski for his commentary in support of our A.K. Smiley Public Library. The enraged mother who screamed at library staff was way out of line.

If our library has not already done so, I ask that an armed security guard or a Redlands police officer be placed inside the library during its open hours. Such a guard or officer could have instructed the enraged mother to stop screaming or be ejected from the library. And if she refused to comply she should have been arrested for disturbance of the peace, screaming in intimidating tones at library staff and defiance of an officer.

The word "lesbian" is not illegal. All books that discuss lesbianism are protected under the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution. And though the enraged mother demanded only restrictions on such books, such actions are often the first step in book banning.

Some libraries have banned my own book, “Restless Gold,” and its press release refused by several newspapers — except the Redlands Community News. And why? Probably because of its non-fictional stories of murder, sex, violence, and LGBTQ themes.

But it also includes true stories of love, romance, kindness, charity and tolerance.

Don’t like a book title or its topic? Then don’t check it out, buy it or read it. But placing restrictions on books is unacceptable.

David Salvaggio, educator, author and Redlands Smiley Library patron for 42 years. His new book, “Restless Gold,” is available via Amazon or Barnes& and at the Smiley.