Re: “What makes Redlands special,” Scott Shelby, May 17.

Thank you to Scott Shelby for your wise and educated reply to Austin Berruto’s May 10 letter, “The city that must move on.” I, too, have lived in Redlands a long time — four generations now.

Some questions for Austin: Are you aware of the large, popular shopping centers off Alabama Street? Many people who shop online? The lovely shops and restaurants in downtown Redlands? Esri and all the people it employs? The many businesses and warehouses in northwest Redlands? The many professional and large business offices in Redlands? Do you know why orange growers are having trouble selling their oranges?

Our heritage is important, but so are roads, jobs, housing, etc. I think we can continue toward improving the “jewel of the Inland Empire” without sacrificing its heritage, citrus groves and all-around attraction.

Maybe a few more years of knowledge, research and experience of life on your part will help you understand the difficulties in keeping our heritage and community the great place to live and work.

Nicki Maciodge, Redlands