If there was a city that could somehow avoid all the obvious issues with the current state of politics and the politicized influence of standard and mass media, why couldn’t it be the city of Redlands? In my involvement with several government, charitable and service oriented organizations in Redlands, I am going to venture that this city has many aspects that indicate it has an abundance of examples of people and programs that span the best of traditional Republican and Democratic platform issues.

Starting with a City Council and commissions that have representation of both sides and can have respectful, thoughtful, discussions that consider all the input. We have a Service Club Council with representatives of a full array of typically conservative and progressive alignments that come together to provide for many of the those in need in the city.

We have two top 1% philanthropists who constantly give back to the city and community for both conservative and progressive projects. We have a fairly equal level of development and conservation.

We have media platforms that while appearing to maintain a divisive level of comments remain uncensored and we have not had any violence related to protests. We have all the problems of any U.S. city: government inefficiency, homelessness, greed, infrastructure funding issues and issues related to race and class. National and world issues affect us: extremes in weather, wildfires, international trade, voting and mail delivery.

The bottom line is we live in a city “That Works”. Don’t panic. Vote!

Mason Einhorn, Redlands