Re: “Rep. Aguilar is attacking our military,” John Berry, March 12.

I read John Berry’s column in your March 12 edition regarding U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar’s proposed legislation and am a bit confused. As I understand it, the legislation is proactive pieces designed to keep white supremacists from enlisting and meant to ensure the public’s continued trust in the military.

Like the column writer, I too do not appreciate the use of dog whistles or Orwellian tactics. But why is he using such tactics when claiming that Democrats are marching toward Marxist control over the country?   

As far as I know, it was not a Democrat who did the following:  

1. Call multiple Georgia state officials to ask them to change the results of the election.

2. Encourage his supporters to march on the Capitol in protest of election results.

3. Introduce voter suppression laws because of the last election.

Do we really need to worry about Democrats march toward Marxism either? Of the top 10 richest Congress members, five are Democrats. Capitalism seems to suit them just fine.

Mr. Berry’s concern about undermining our trust in government institutions is gratifying, but where was his concern when Trump was making appointments designed to reduce that trust (i.e. Louis DeJoy, direct competitor of the U.S. Postal Service, and former lobbyists Mark Esper and Christopher Miller)? I could list additional names, but I’m only allowed so many words.

And the writer would have us be worried about the unleashing of Rep. Pete, a man who has worked across party lines, would be in the running to receive the Congeniality Award if Congress were a beauty contest; and is still called Pete (because that’s how scary he is). Granted, he does not have the legal skills of Schiff or Swalwell or Katie Porter’s whiteboard, but apparently affability is the new secret Marxist weapon.

N. Courtney, Redlands