The health insurance industry profited nearly $1 trillion in 2019 while we frantically search for needed medical supplies. What’s wrong with this picture? You can read this report in newspapers nationwide, yet I don’t hear this fact reported on any TV newscast.

Wouldn’t that be the top news story: Health insurance industry profits while the rest of us struggle. It takes a powerful force to keep this silent.

True constitutional conservatives respect the Constitution and obey its ideals. “The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” means that health care is a human right.

Twenty-two of the top 23 industrialized nations recognize this fundamental human right and provide universal health care for each other. Why don’t we?

The very concept of health care insurance in a for-profit health care system is an abomination and gross violation of our constitutional rights, and a system most defended by the GOP. For decades, we heard lost-Republican leaders claiming that we have the best health care in the world, yet while we pay the most for health care, we’re only rated 37th worldwide. I don’t like getting ripped off, do you?

The test of leadership today demands that every local officeholder from the local mayor to congressional representatives acknowledge health care as a human right that requires Medicare for all.

How could any spiritually sane and politically honest citizen dispute this issue? I’d enjoy reading your rationale for doing so in this community newspaper.

I doubt we’ll get any response because national citizen polling overwhelmingly supports Medicare for all. We won’t hear from lost-Republican leaders, either.

Joseph Colella, Mentone