Re: “Redefining Redlands,” Redlands Community News editorial, June 28.

This sounds just like Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, who wants everybody out their cars and dragging their equipment  by foot all over town.

I have been providing a service to folks on State Street since 2003. I am very grateful to those brick and mortar shops that have kept me alive and I can park my service vehicle there with no problems every two weeks.

I eat lunch from time to time at Taco Shack and Gourmet Pizza. I also purchase all my fuel needs at the Shell station that is now going through renovations, even though I live in San Bernardino.

Redlands Mayor Paul Foster wants us to be like big cities with the walk and bike routine. That is not going to work for everyone, especially those of us who have to  carry equipment to those job sites and those who have brick and mortar. We are tired of city politics that won't  take care of them but want them out for housing purposes and bars and restaurants.

Vote that mayor out along with the high-density housing that generates tax dollars that go nowhere.

K.R. Mcclelland, San Bernardino