As a point of reference, there are 45,546 registered voters representing eight political preferences in the city of Redlands (U.S. Census, 2020, page 17).

I reference this point to remind the community that 14,407 votes (the number of yes votes for Measure G) does not represent the majority of voters of Redlands; it is 32%, not “the will of the voters.”

While I commend the Measure G supporters for being civically engaged and voting, their voices do not solely represent the diverse, innovative and evolving needs of the larger Redlands community. More significantly, the recent personal attacks on those with opposing opinions do not represent the respectful discourse voters in Redlands proudly demonstrate and is contrary to the spirit of civic engagement and thought.

Families seek Redlands because of the rich historic traditions, excellent schools, and the variety of community and housing options that meet their interests and needs. I encourage Redlands voters to evaluate the Measure F initiative based on the value added to Redlands and not let one perspective, or 32%, limit the vibrant future of the city.

Maureen Latham, Redlands