Once you learn the facts I hope you will join me in voting yes on Measure T for Redlands.  

100% of Measure T stays right here in Redlands to support essential city services we all rely on.  

Opponents of Measure T incorrectly claim it is a 100% tax increase. Listen carefully to the YouTube clip of the council candidate opposed to Measure T and you will hear her say, “this is a 100% increase in city income.”  Yes, it doubles our income, not tax.

They need to check their math. The current sales tax rate in Redlands is 7.75%, which is the lowest possible sales tax rate in San Bernardino County. Nearly all of the revenue, 6.75%, goes to the State or County.

If Measure T is approved, Redlands’ sales tax rate would be 8.75%.

The easiest way to think about it is Measure T would add 3¢ to your $3 morning coffee. Those few cents add up to providing firefighters with the lifesaving equipment they need, keeping our parks and streets clean, safe, and well-maintained, and helping support our local library.

The fact is, we need Measure T. It’s a fiscally responsible solution to maintain city services including the public safety services our community relies on and preserves what we all love about Redlands.

Check the facts, do the math, vote yes on Measure T.

Neal Waner, Redlands