There are 195 countries on the planet and all have had to respond to cases of COVID-19. Some 700,000 people are confirmed to have died from COVID-19 around the planet.

The smallest projected percentage of infection in any population is 20%. If you take every precaution, all the time, it will not guarantee you will not get the virus. The smallest projected mortality rate is 1.7%.

The goal was never stated that the spread of Covid-19 could be stopped. The goal was always to slow the curve. By slowing the curve, the medical programs would not be overwhelmed. Except for several very tragic, isolated cases, this has been accomplished.

Additionally, slowing the spread has given medical establishments time to acquire resources, to have strategies to disburse patients, to develop interventions to keep patients more comfortable, and to decrease the mortality rate. The ultimate goal is to create the vaccine so those who wish can receive it and increase their chance of immunity. We know that 10% of any population will not cooperate with recommended procedures to circumvent the spread of the virus but populations can stop the spread despite that 10%.

I would say these statements are not disputable. Respect each other for how they choose to respond to the situation and do what you can to protect yourself. Doesn't seem very complicated or controversial to me.

Mason Einhorn, Redlands