The Redlands City Council needs to come back together for the good of our town. It's more at odds, and it's more partisan right now than I have ever seen it.

I know that tension is high for everybody. I know people are firing off negative letters and social media posts. But you are all adults and your city needs you to work it out, then work together — to put Redlands before self. Our future is at stake.

I watched the recent council meeting where Mayor Pro Tem Eddie Tejeda expressed frustration in his comments about the performance of Councilwoman Denise Davis. The anger may have been out of line, but I am compelled to defend him against the onslaught of attack he has suffered since.

He is accused of not addressing the agenda item under discussion, which proposed the mayor title be rotated among all of the council members, starting with Davis. She was nominating herself to leave that meeting as the mayor, and he was saying why he didn't support that.

He said she didn't submit questions to staff about the agenda and that she did not engage in discussion about the things they vote on, essential to running our city. He did not say anything about her being a woman or LGBT. He was only criticizing her performance as a member of the council. To characterize it differently is false.

Scott Welsh, Redlands