In the Aug. 30, 2019, newspaper, an article listed nearly a dozen Redlands organizations from the turn of the 1900s that are no longer in existence. One mentioned was Cosmos Club.  In fact, Cosmos, the women's organization, is still meeting in homes today, enjoying monthly dessert, camaraderie and sharing turns as speaker/presenter.

Cosmos Club was organized on Oct. 23, 1913, and claims to be among the women's organizations in Redlands holding the longest period of continuous meetings.

The object of the club, as stated each year in their directory  “shall be the advancement of knowledge in literature, history, current events, music and the arts.”

In 1988, during the club's 75th anniversary year, all available past meeting records were filed in the archives of the A.K. Smiley Public Library.

Current officers are Nancy Spencer, president; Ann Smith, secretary; Liz Beguelin, treasurer; and Sharon Hoyle, courtesy.

Nelda M. Stuck, vice president