Re: “Redefining Redlands,” Redlands Community News editorial, June 28.

I am responding to the June 28 editorial in which Mayor Paul Foster is supporting taller buildings in the three transit villages. He stated that, historically, buildings were four- or five-stories high.

He pointed out the La Posada and Casa Loma Hotel. I looked at the Redlands history books with pictures of State Street, including the La Posada and Casa Loma. La Posada was basically two stories with parapets and the Casa Loma was three stories with towers. State Street did have some four-story buildings, but not many.

Mr. Foster states that Proposition R and measures U and N are impediments to business growth and that without changes places like the Redlands Mall will remain symbols of economic stagnation.

I worked very long hours to see that all of the above passed. Building heights of three stories and a fourth story underground was approved to keep our view of the mountains and the valleys.

The majority of Redlands citizens were not happy to see Redlands Federal building (City Bank) erected with its many stories. People would see that this could happen all over Redlands. We wanted Redlands to remain with its low skyline and historic flavor.

Redlands right now is experiencing controlled growth. The Packinghouse development adheres to the three-story limit and is beautifully done. I think what’s happening downtown is exciting. We are not stagnating, which proves that development can happen with rules in place.

I just hope that when the election happens and the transit village measure comes up that the people will vote NO and keep Redlands special.