On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Chief of Police Chris Catren hosted an online Esri Forum answering many questions and elaborating on the role of policing in Redlands. His presentation gave me confidence that our Police Department is in good hands and is worth our trust and support.

It is clear that he heads a department that is committed to diffusing tensions with a “protect and serve” and not a “warrior” mentality. He assured his listeners that our police officers are well-trained, competent and professional and he would not accept anything less.

Thank you, Chief Catren, for taking the time to address the important issue of the police impartiality and fairness in the enforcement of departmental duties — a topic that is certainly a “hot button” issue in America today.

Based on what I heard, I’d like to express my support for the manner in which the Redlands Police Department aspires to carry out its duties. It is a tough job, and I am thankful for their willingness to “protect and serve.”

Ward Krause, Redlands