An open letter to Amy and Adama:

You two have waited on me and my friends and family at Applebee’s for many years, providing excellent service and always brightened our mealtime. I want you to know that the “baby boomers” will come to your rescue.

As my wife and I are retired, our income remains stable and we are able to spend it in restaurants throughout our community. We have discussed this with some of our retired friends and we all plan to visit all of our favorite restaurants in Redlands and will be doubling our tips as we do.

I know that many of our fellow citizens are not able to join us in this endeavor as they have mortgages or rent, and other financial issues to deal with for their families. That, too, will help the economy as they pay their obligations. However, we “baby boomers” are willing and able to take up the slack and help to keep the money flowing, helping the economy get back on its feet. We want you to know that.

President Trump has signed legislation that helps to provide funds for families who have lost their jobs and I know that will help the two of you. For us, though, it is like a “bonus” so those funds will be added to our discretionary income and be used to help the shops, restaurant, hotel and even the airline industries.

As we spend our money, and not hoard it, to help those industries and families until they are able to get back to work and again pay their bills then together we will once again see the American economy become “great again.”

Michael L. Johns, Redlands­