I believe the hate-Trump media is responsible for all the unrest in our country. When you have a media spewing hatred toward our president every single day, pouring fuel on the fire, calling him a racist and a liar when they know it’s not true.

I like what Dr. Ben Carson said about Trump: If he’s a racist, he sure is doing a bad job at it. And was he a racist back in 1998 when he was honored by Jesse Jackson for his work in the black community? Was he a racist when he helped Al Sharpton with some of his dealings? I’m with the Rev. Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King. I support President Trump.

As for defunding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, do a fact check. It’s true he wanted to cut the amount of funding but Congress actually increased the amount of funding for the CDC. But you won’t hear that from the hate-Trump media. They never correct their lies.

If people would quarantine themselves from the media for a month, a lot of our problems would clear up.

Thomas Candelaria, Redlands