Re: “Redlands reacts to the presidential election,” Shari Forbes, Nov.6, and “Don’t claim fraud without proof,” Bill Emmerson, Nov. 13.

I have read and tried to carefully consider John Berry’s comments.

In his response it is indeed strange that Mr. Berry sites information from “several media sources “ without attribution. He goes on to assert that, “Fraud is the only plausible explanation how Trump’s 600,000+ lead in Pennsylvania had inexplicably vanished.”

I would suggest that Mr. Berry and anyone else interested in the truth rather than demagoguery read the decision of the Pennsylvania Court that found what was sought by the Trump campaign was “to discard millions of votes legally cast by Pennsylvanians.”

In the court hearing, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani admitted to the judge, “This is not a fraud case.” So much for Mr. Berry’s allegations of fraud.

I am afraid Mr. Berry may be right that “our great American republic could be lost forever.” The danger, however, doesn’t come Democrats or, for that matter, Republicans. The real threat to our democracy and our Republic comes from those who wrap themselves in the flag, then lie and those who propagate or tolerate those lies.

Facts and truth matter.

Steven A Becker, Redlands