Due to the recent budget cuts within the Redlands Animal Shelter, two kennel attendant positions have been eliminated. Despite the budget cuts the animal shelter staff remain committed to caring for the animals and the shelter will continue to be run with the utmost professionalism. Less staff, however, means less time to supervise and manage volunteers.  

Although volunteers with Redfosa will no longer be onsite at the shelter, there are plenty of ways we can still help Redlands animals. We can still make a positive impact in our community by providing spay and neuter services, microchipping, medical interventions, behavioral advice, trap/neuter/release services and building greater community relationships through animal related partnerships. This will result in fewer animals entering the Redlands Animal Shelter.  

As always, we will be available to assist with anything the animals may need while being sheltered there.

If you support this cause and would like to donate to Redfosa, a nonprofit organization operated independently of the Redlands Animal Shelter, please do so by sending a check to PO Box 7547 Redlands, Ca 92375 or sending via PayPal to donations@redfosa.org. Please select friends and family to avoid fees.

Tabetha Wittenmyer, Redlands