I was extremely disappointed to see that on July 16, Mayor Paul Foster of Redlands posted a link to an article arguing against the defunding of police on his Facebook page with little or no critical engagement on his part.

The article was published on a site, according to its own description, created and run by law enforcement professionals and the only cited source was Fox “News,” yet Mr. Foster presented it as a reliable, unbiased source of information.

I teach English 101 at a local community college and one of the main aims of that class is to carefully and critically consider every source one uses to argue with, and — above all— to keep an open mind no matter what your personal beliefs are.

What are young people who are determined to get ahead in America today supposed to think if the leaders of their cities appear to lack basic literacy skills required to participate and bolster our democracy?

It is not unreasonable to demand that our elected representatives at least entertain notions that don’t gel with their personal opinions? I demand, and I hope others will join me, in asking this of Mr. Foster.